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Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked questions

How do you measure towball height?

The towball height is measured as the vertical distance between the ground and the centre of the towball. This must be measured on flat and level ground – most surfaces are far from level! Also, the laden condition of the vehicle must be known. (Note: In the case of “coupling height”, this is the position of the centre of the towball location when within the coupling head).

What height should the towball be?

The Million Dollar Question! The EC Directive 94/20/EC states that the towball height should be between 350mm and 420mm with the vehicle in the ‘laden’ condition. Alternatively, the towball may be at the height or height range specified by the vehicle manufacturer in the homologation documents and possibly the vehicle handbook.

What height should the trailer/caravan coupling be?

The EC Directive states that this should be 385mm to 455mm with the trailer in the ‘laden’ condition. ‘Laden condition’ in this instance is when the trailer is loaded to its maximum specified mass, with this evenly distributed over the loading area.

Can I use a ‘riser plate’ to increase the towball height?

No! To do so could significantly increase the leverage on the towbar/towball interface, and could result in damage or failure of one of the towing system components. It would also almost certainly invalidate the EC approval of the towbar.

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